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I am EIRMC – What Does it Mean?

At EIRMC, we consider it a privilege to help others get back to good health. Our mission is to improve the lives of those we touch. Those we touch means ...

Love Your Mother—Mother Earth, That Is.

EIRMC has an official “Green Team” made up of employees who are implementing projects that are environmentally conscious. We’ve made great strides toward environmental sustainability and being good stewards of ...

Focus on Patient Satisfaction: Employee Scrubs

EIRMC has instituted a standardized look to our uniforms, so that patients and family members can better identify the various personnel that enter their room. Evidence strongly supports that standardizing ...


Idaho Falls is a great place to live!

Tired of sky-high house prices? High crime rates? Feeling unsafe? Sitting in ...

Extraordinary Compassion and Kindness Honored by EIRMC

Each year, EIRMC’s parent company, HCA Healthcare, sponsors the Frist Humanitarian Awards ...

HCA Innovators Award: Rewarding Employees for Innovation

The HCA Innovators Award is designed to help connect our employees to ...

Other Health Topics

Being a Leader at EIRMC

It is a special privilege—and a big responsibility—to be part of EIRMC’s leadership team. As a leader, others are watching you. The way you carry yourself sends an important message about what EIRMC stands for. Understanding the influence you have, you embrace the obligation to consistently “walk the talk.” At EIRMC, we embrace the I […]

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Shhh! We’ve Shushed Up to Improve the Patient Experience

Dinging alarms. Loud conversations. Clanging wheels. Hospitals may be great places to get treatment, but now noisier than ever, they’re not very good places for patients to rest, let alone sleep. The World Health Organization set the optimal standard decibel level at 40 or less, but the average hospital operates at 72 decibels during the […]

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Safety and Security for our Employees and Patients

We want EIRMC to be the safest place in Idaho Falls with an attitude of preparedness, advanced physical security technology, and the most professional security staff available. That’s why we partner with the Idaho Falls Police Department to have police officers on-site 24/7, to handle issues should they arise. Our security officers are highly trained, educated and equipped […]

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Mike Barton: Researcher/Author Extraordinaire

And throw in “pretty great Speech Pathologist,” too! EIRMC Speech Pathologist, Mike Barton, has made a big impact with his research. He helped author an article published in the May 2009 issue of Laryngoscope. Even cooler, his article caught the attention of the prestigious “Faculty of 1000” (F1000), which is a collaboration of more than […]

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