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HCA Innovators Award: Rewarding Employees for Innovation

The HCA Innovators Award is designed to help connect our employees to the greater organization and reward them for innovative ideas that contribute to improvement at all levels. Awards are given in each of three categories at the facility, division and corporate levels.

Here’s a sampling of recent HCA Innovator Winners at EIRMC:

Quality Category: Emergency Department “Frequent Visitors” Program

Burke Webster, LSW started a program at EIRMC to provide better communication to frequent Emergency Department visitors and to reduce the inappropriate use of the ED.

Webster developed a database to track frequent visitors to the ED who may benefit from access to social services, low cost medical insur­ance, or preventative healthcare. Here’s how the program works: when a patient with a high rate of visits arrives in the ED, registration contacts case man­agement/social services. After the physi­cian has seen the patient, case management discusses proper use of the ED, helps them get insurance or a primary care provider, and connects them with other needed community resources.

Financial Category: Building automation system to control temperature settings

Back in 2003, Grant Gohr and his engineering team noticed that hallway temperatures were very cool, while patient rooms remained warm. To increase patient comfort, they began using the building automation system to provide a stable environmental temperature. Over the last seven years, they have implemented changes throughout the facility that earned them the coveted Energy Star designation. At the time of the award, EIRMC was the only HCA hospital in the country and the only hospital in Idaho to have received this recognition. This project has saved EIRMC nearly $1.4 million since 2003.

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