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Safety and Security for our Employees and Patients

We want EIRMC to be the safest place in Idaho Falls with an attitude of preparedness, advanced physical security technology, and the most professional security staff available. That’s why we partner with the Idaho Falls Police Department to have police officers on-site 24/7, to handle issues should they arise.

Our security officers are highly trained, educated and equipped professionals, most with nearly 1,000 or more hours of certified training. Many of our officers have bachelor’s degrees, and several have MBAs or master’s level degrees. They are also specialty trained as Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) mental health officers with advanced skills in deescalating potentially volatile situations. Several EIRMC officers have advanced specialty skills—bomb technician, traffic safety, SWAT team members, and criminal investigations.

In addition to these highly-trained police officers, we also have instituted other safety measures to ensure the well-being of our patients, visitors and employees:

  • Emergency call boxes in parking lots with a direct line to the 24/7 switchboard operator.
  • Security cameras placed in high-traffic areas both inside and outside the facility, with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Panic alarms placed at key locations throughout the facility.

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