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Being a Leader at EIRMC

It is a special privilege—and a big responsibility—to be part of EIRMC’s leadership team. As a leader, others are watching you. The way you carry yourself sends an important message about what EIRMC stands for. Understanding the influence you have, you embrace the obligation to consistently “walk the talk.”

At EIRMC, we embrace the I am EIRMC values for all employees. Here’s the individual commitment our EIRMC leaders have made to themselves, their employees, and to the hospital:

  • I will serve as the highest and best example of EIRMC in all that I do. And I will inspire others to emulate the example I set.
  • I will first hold myself accountable for my own attitudes and behaviors, and I will also consistently hold each of my employees and peers accountable for theirs.
  • I understand the true value of our hospital’s employees. I know that my success is dependent on their successes, individually and collectively.
  • I will seek out and welcome, rather than discourage input and innovation.
  • I will be fair, honest and consistent in all I do, with every employee I come into contact with.
  • As a leader, my critical mandates include the growth, development and success of each employee.

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