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Focus on Patient Satisfaction: Employee Scrubs

EIRMC has instituted a standardized look to our uniforms, so that patients and family members can better identify the various personnel that enter their room.

Evidence strongly supports that standardizing uniforms improves patient satisfaction. A study in Nursing Management Journal sheds light on how difficult it can be for patients and families to easily single out nurses from other hospital staff. Patients and families interviewed for the study said it was important to know who to approach when they had concerns, and to be able to identify nurses and differentiate them from other healthcare staff.

Family members reported feeling embarrassed when they approached the wrong person with their questions. Many well-respected institutions, such as Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, and JFK Medical Center, have taken this information to heart and have instituted standardized scrub colors. They claim less patient complaints, increased patient satisfaction, and greater collegiality among staff members and physicians.

Here at EIRMC, all people in direct patient care and clinical areas, and some support areas, are wearing logoed scrubs that represent their department and/or nursing status.

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